TODAY GOLD PRICE: Gold became so expensive today due to Navratri, know what is the price of gold!


TODAY GOLD PRICE: Investing in gold is considered a very good and safe option in India, hence most people in India invest their money in gold. But before investing money in anything, one must get complete information about it. Therefore, in today’s post you will know about today’s gold price (Today Gold Price) in the main cities of India? So that if you are also thinking of investing in gold, then you can get complete information about it.

If you do not have correct information about the price of gold, then you may incur loss while buying gold, hence read this post till the end because the price of gold keeps increasing and decreasing day to day basis in India, hence you must have correct information about the gold price. Sometimes gold is cheap in the country and sometimes it is expensive, people rejoice when gold becomes cheaper.

In this post we will update about the price of gold every day. The price of gold in India today (Today Gold Price) has also been updated in this blog.

In India, 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat gold is available, 22 carat gold is 91% pure and the remaining 9% has copper and zinc mixed together. Whereas 24 carat gold has purity of 99.9%, 24 carat gold is also more expensive in price.


18 carat gold price today

Today on 15 October 2023, the price of 18 carat gold in New Delhi, India is ₹ 43,365 (per 10 grams).


22 carat gold price today 

Today, on October 15, the price of 22 carat gold in New Delhi, India is ₹ 55,400 (per 10 grams).


24 carat gold price today

The price of 24 carat gold in New Delhi, India today on 15 October 2023 is ₹ 60,440 (per 10 grams).

Know what is the TODAY GOLD PRICE in your city

Below is the information about what is the price of 24 carat and 22 carat gold in the main cities of India today on 15th October.

City 22 Carat Gold Price (10 Grams) 24 Carat Gold Price (10 Grams)
New Delhi ₹55,550 ₹60,590
Amritsar ₹55,550 ₹60,590
Chandigarh ₹55,550 ₹60,590
Mumbai ₹55,400 ₹60,440
Chennai ₹55,100 ₹60,110
Hyderabad ₹55,400 ₹60,440
Bhopal ₹55,450 ₹60,490
Jaipur ₹55,550 ₹60,590
Kanpur ₹55,550 ₹60,590
Kerala ₹55,400 ₹60,440
Kolkata ₹55,400 ₹60,440
Meerut ₹55,550 ₹60,590
Nagpur ₹55,400 ₹60,440
Gurgaon ₹55,550 ₹60,590
Ahmedabad ₹55,450 ₹60,490


Gold price in other countries

Apart from India, there is huge demand for gold in many other countries too, therefore below we have discussed what is the price of gold in other countries?

Country 22 Carat Gold Price (10 Grams) 24 Carat Gold Price (10 Grams)
Kuwait ₹49,770 ₹50,390
Singapore ₹49,850 ₹53,201
Dubai ₹46,568 ₹50,307
United States ₹47,017 ₹50,761
Doha ₹48,613 ₹51,466
Qatar ₹48,613 ₹51,466
Muscat ₹48,630 ₹50,792
Oman ₹48,613 ₹53,017

How is the price of gold determined in India?

Gold is just not a jewellery but also a financial asset whose price changes every day, sometimes it decreases and sometimes its price increases. Gold is considered also as a very good investment option in India as well as in the whole world; that’s why it is in demand all over the world. The demand is the biggest contributor  in determining the price of gold, but apart from demand, there are many other factors due to which the price of gold is decided.

When there is less supply and more demand for gold, its prices increase, similarly if demand decreases and supply increases then its prices fall. We all know that the demand for gold and jewellery increases during festivals and wedding seasons in India and during that time the it’s price is increased the most.

Apart from demand, the other factors for increase in gold prices are highlighted below.

o Inflation: Whenever inflation increases in any country, the value of the currency of that country decreases due to which people prefer to keep their money in gold. In such a situation the price of gold increases.

o Interest Rate: Whenever banks increase the interest rates on any investment, people sell their gold and invest their money in the bank to get more interest. In such situation, the price of gold falls and when the bank reduces the interest rate then people invest more in gold.

o Reserve Account: Governments of every country have a reserve, in which a large share of gold is held. If any government sells gold from that reserve and its demand increases, then gold prices increase. However, at present the Indian government has maintained its gold reserves at the right limit.

So these are some of the main reasons due to which gold prices rise and fall.

How to buy gold?

Now a days, it is very easy to buy gold, if you want to buy physical gold then you can easily buy it from any goldsmith shop near you.

Apart from that, if you want to buy digital gold, then there are many digital platforms for this like – Zerodha and Groww. If you want to keep the gold items with you then you have to go to the goldsmith’s shop and buy it.

Whenever you purchase physical gold in the form of gold coins, gold bars, gold jewellery, from a shop, then remember to take its gold certificate along with you.


FAQ: Today Gold Price

What is the price of gold in Guwahati today?

Today 22 karat gold price in Guwahati is ₹41,650 per 10 grams.


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