Beyond Snack Success Story: This company made worth crores just by selling the Kerala Banana Chips, read the whole story!

Beyond Snack Success Story: Today our country India is progressing very fast in the world of Startup and Business and this is the reason why today more than 100 Unicorn Startups have been formed in our country. Due to which more and more people are planning to start their own Startups.

Today we have brought a success story for you from the world of Startups, in which a man has created a company worth crores just by selling banana chips. Today here we are talking about Beyond Snack company which you might have also seen on the business reality show Shark Tank India.

—Beyond Snack Success Story

Manas Madhu, the visionary behind Beyond Snack company, has transformed his venture into a multi-crore enterprise. Many individuals are eager to delve into the success story of Beyond Snack, curious to learn how Madhu turned a simple product like banana chips into a multi-million rupee company. Stick around until the conclusion of this post to uncover the intriguing details of Beyond Snack’s journey to success.

This Is How Beyond Snack Success Story Started

Beyond Snack company was started in the year 2020 by Manas Madhu, a resident of Kerala. Manas did MBA in Education, after which he also worked as a business consultant in many MNCs companies. But Manas had a dream since childhood that he would grow up and start his own business and that is why in 2018 he started Dr. Jackfruit. In the company, Dr. Jackfruit, he sold jackfruit.

But this first business of Manas failed miserably but despite this he did not give up and in the year 2020 when he came up with the idea of banana chips that he would take this delicious Kerala banana chips to the whole world because at that time quality banana chips was not available in the market. With this passion and idea, Manas started Beyond Snack Company.

Manas started producing top quality banana chips through his Beyond Snack company and started delivering them to every state of India, but initially he did not get very good orders. But today this company of Manas has become worth crores.

Got Recognition In The World From Shark Tank India

When Manas started the Beyond Snack Company in 2020, he used to get very few orders, but with the passage of time his orders increased. But when the Shark Tank India show was started by Sony Networks in India, Manas also got the opportunity to take investment for his business.

Manas appeared in the eighth episode of Shark Tank India Season 1, where he asked all the Sharks to invest Rs 50 lakh on 2.5% equity of his company for Beyond Snack. All the Sharks on Shark Tank impressed by his startup which had helped him to got an investment of Rs 50 lakh from Ashneer Grover and Aman Gupta. (Beyond Snack Success Story)

Let us tell you that when this episode of Beyond Snack was live on television and internet, its episode received millions of views at that time, due to which its sales increased more than 10 times that year and later it got further investment from many other investors. Also found. That is, after coming on Shark Tank India, the growth of Beyond Shark company started increasing more rapidly.

Today it has become a company worth crores

Today, Manas’s Beyond Snack company is making crores of rupees of revenue every month just by selling banana chips, and till now Beyond Snack has received a total funding of more than 4 million dollars from startup investors.

If we talk about the valuation of Beyond Snack company, then today their company is worth crores and their chips are sold in thousands and lakhs. If you also want to try Beyond Snack’s banana chips, you can easily buy them online.

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