A3R Mushroom Farm Success Story: These two brothers from Agra together created a company worth crores by just selling mushrooms!

A3R Mushroom Farm Success Story: In the realm of business and startups, you’ve likely encountered numerous tales. Today, we present a unique narrative—a story of two brothers residing in Agra who, through the cultivation of mushrooms, forged a company worth millions.

Today here we are talking about A3R Mushroom Farm, which was started together by Rishabh Gupta and Ayush Gupta. The most special thing about their business is that they started it together a few years ago and today by 2024, their mushroom farm has become worth crores of rupees.

In such a situation, there are many people who want to know about A3R Mushroom Farm Success Story, how brothers Ayush and Rishabh have created a company worth crores only with the help of mushrooms. Keep reading until the conclusion of this post to discover the success story of A3R Mushroom Farm.

—A3R Mushroom Farm Success Story

This is how A3R Mushroom Farm Success Story began!

A3R Mushroom Farm was started by two brothers Ayush Gupta and Rishabh Gupta living in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. They started this company in the year 2021. Before venturing into this business, Rishav Gupta had been employed in Dubai. However, with the global spread of COVID-19, he decided to return to India. After coming to India, Rishabh started organic farming on his family’s 3 Acre Land because Rishabh already had interest in farming.

When Rishabh started farming, at the same time his brother Ayush had also completed his BBA course. Hence, Rishabh joined forces with his brother Ayush in the realm of organic farming, and together, they initiated the cultivation of cucumbers. Although they did not get much success in cucumber farming, that is why both the brothers started mushroom farming together.

Mushroom farming is not easy in India because the Indian climate is not suitable for mushrooms, so both the brothers started taking training about mushroom farming from international experts. After which both the brothers built a cold chamber and different facilities for the cultivation of button mushroom and they started mushroom cultivation in a good manner.

The beginning brought many problems!

After starting mushroom farming, both Rishabh and Ayush had to face many problems, and many times their mushroom crop also got damaged, but they never gave up and continued with their farming project.

As a result of persistent efforts, in the year 2021, Rishav achieved success in mushroom cultivation, leading to the production of high-quality mushrooms in his field.

It has become a company worth crores today

A3R Mushroom Farm, a company started in the year 2021, has become worth crores today. Today, both brothers Ayush and Rishabh grow about 1600 KG of mushroom crop every day. Besides, the demand for mushrooms from their farm is also very high, due to which today both the brothers together are earning around Rs 2 lakh a day.

If we talk about their annual earnings, then every year the A3R Mushroom Farm company of these two brothers is making a revenue of more than Rs 7 crores, due to which the valuation of A3R Mushroom Company has reached crores.

So in this way both brothers Ayush and Rishabh together have created a company worth crores just by selling mushrooms.

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