Anand Mishra the IPS officer: Biography and Other Details; Assam,s ‘Singham’ Police Officer Resigns in 2024

Anand Mishra the IPS officer, is one of the most popular superintendent of police in Assam. Recently, he decided to resign from the Indian Police Service. Anand Mishra, from the 2011 batch of the Assam-Meghalaya cadre, is a young and dynamic IPS officer, known for making waves on the internet. He is popularly also known as Assam’s “Singham” Police Officer.

A Brief Overview of Anand Mishra’s Life:

Anand Mishra, an IPS officer and a people’s man, hails from Bhojpur district in Bihar. He was born on June 1, 1989. He was born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal. His father was an engineer at Hindustan Motors in Kolkata. Anand completed his education in West Bengal and began his career in the West Bengal Civil Services in 2005. Choosing to become an IPS officer since 8th grade, he cleared the IPS exam in 2010 and joined the IPS in the Assam-Meghalaya cadre. After training, he served in Meghalaya from 2013 to 2017, followed by postings in Assam.

Before resigning on January 16, 2024, he served as the SP of Lakhimpur district. Prior to Lakhimpur, he was the SP of Nagaon, Charaideo, and Dhubri districts in Assam.

Anand Mishra the IPS Officer prefers working in the field rather than inside the office. He enjoys roles where he can engage in conversations with people, earning him prestigious awards like the ‘Service Excellence 2020.’ He has a “eye-opening” personality. Anand Mishra was also featured in the top 50 most popular police officers in the Fame India Magazine survey of 2021.


You may also watch his podcast in Youtube in the below link:


Educational Background of Anand Mishra The IPS Officer:

Anand Mishra completed his schooling and other education in Kolkata, West Bengal. After clearing the West Bengal Civil Services exam in 2005, he worked for the West Bengal Civil Services until 2011. In 2010, he cleared the IPS exam and joined the Assam-Meghalaya batch in 2011.


Anand Mishra’s Family Details:

Anand Mishra’s family is very dear to him. He is married to Archana Tiwari, who is actively involved in social services and hails from Allahabad, India.


Why Did Anand Mishra Resign from the IPS?

Anand Mishra chose to submit his resignation from the IPS to pursue a life beyond the confines of the police service, focusing on social services and other mediums for freedom and independence. He plans to work for the welfare of people in his ancestral village in Bihar, often referred to as the ‘Singham of Assam.’ (Anand Mishra the IPS officer)

Interesting Facts about Anand Mishra:

  1. He enjoys working in the field with people.
  2. Playing the guitar and singing are his hobbies.
  3. He loves children and actively helps them.
  4. Riding a bike is another one of his preferences.
  5. He is also a Taekwondo player.
  6. Anand Mishra is closely related to the Youtube Channel ‘Patroller’.


Watch the ‘Patroller’ here:



Frequently Asked Questions about Anand Mishra the IPS officer:

  1. Who is Anand Mishra IPS?

Anand Mishra is an IPS officer from the Assam-Meghalaya cadre.


2. What is Anand Mishra IPS’s date of birth?

Anand Mishra was born on June 1, 1989.


3. Where was Anand Mishra IPS born?

Anand Mishra was born in Kolkata, West Bengal.


4. What is the name of Anand Mishra IPS’s wife?

Anand Mishra’s wife’s name is Archana Tiwari, who is actively involved in social activities.


5. What is Anand Mishra IPS’s rank in the UPSC exam?

In the 2010 Civil Services exam, Anand Mishra secured the 225th rank in the IPS. (Anand Mishra the IPS officer)


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