Apple Foldable iPhone Launch Date in India: Apple’s first foldable phone will arrive in India in 2024 or not?

Apple Foldable iPhone Launch Date in India: In the world of mobile market, you must have seen many different types of mobile phones out of which people liked the foldable phone very much. Samsung is the biggest brand in the foldable phone market.

Nearly half a decade has passed since the debut of Samsung’s inaugural foldable device. In the interim, speculation has abounded regarding Apple’s response to the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip.

But now to compete with Samsung, Apple is also going to launch its new foldable phone very soon, due to which now everyone is waiting for Apple’s foldable phone because according to some reports it is said that Apple will soon launch foldable iPhone.

—Apple Foldable iPhone Launch Date in India

As of now, however, there has been no official confirmation regarding Apple’s much-anticipated foray into the realm of foldable smartphones. While certain reports hint at an imminent release in 2025, conflicting opinions argue that Apple is unlikely to unveil a foldable device until at least 2027.

In such a situation, there are many people who want to get information about Apple foldable iPhone launch date in India, so in today’s post we will give you Apple foldable iPhone launch date in India along with other information about the upcoming phone of Apple.

Apple Foldable iPhone specifications

According to reports, it is being said that in Apple’s upcoming foldable phone, users will get the feature supporting USB C Port and MagSafe. Along with this, users will also get the support of Face Lock and Touch ID in Apple’s foldable phone. If we talk about the processor in it, then people can get a strong processor like iPhone 15 in it.

Apple Foldable iPhone display

Many people also want to know about the display of Apple’s upcoming foldable iPhone, so let us tell you that in the reports it is being said that in this Apple phone, people will get to see a display as big as 8 inches.

Also, Apple is going to use silver nanowire touch solution in this phone so that users can get an excellent experience in using it.

Apple Foldable iPhone Price in India

If we talk about the price of this new foldable iPhone, till now no official update has come. Anticipate that Apple’s initial foray into the foldable market will not come with an affordable price tag.

Reflecting current market trends and the pricing of other foldable devices, several reports indicate that it is probable for the foldable iPhone to surpass the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro, potentially reaching a price point of around $1,499. In the Indian market, this would likely translate to a cost exceeding Rs 2,00,000.

Apple Foldable iPhone launch date in India

There is no official update yet from Apple Company as to when Apple is going to launch its foldable iPhone. But according to some market reports, it is expected that Apple may launch its first foldable iPhone after the year 2025.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned industry analyst, Apple is unlikely to introduce a foldable iPhone before 2025. Conversely, Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight, proposes the possibility that Apple might debut a foldable iPad before venturing into the realm of foldable iPhones.

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Note: Apple has not yet shared any official information about its foldable phone, all the information you are reading here has been collected from media speculation.


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