ClearDekho Success Story: This company made worth crores by selling spectacles only, read the full story!

ClearDekho Success Story: In contemporary India, a surge of new businesses and startups has emerged, inspiring others to venture into entrepreneurship. The growing number of startups is a testament to the increasing entrepreneurial spirit, fueled in part by the abundance of success stories readily available on the internet.

Henceforth, we present yet another remarkable tale of business success. The entrepreneurs behind this venture have transformed a spectacle-selling enterprise into a multimillion-dollar company. Our focus today is on ClearDekho, established in 2016, now standing as a multi-crore business.

—ClearDekho Success Story

ClearDekho Startup is an Eye Wear company that sells eye glasses and different types of glasses to the people. In today’s article, you are going to read ClearDekho Success Story and you will know how the founders of this business have created a company worth crores by selling eyeglasses.

This is how ClearDekho Success Story started

ClearDekho company was started in 2016 by two boys, whose names are Shivi Singh and Saurabh Dayal, both these boys were very good friends since childhood and that is why both of them planned to do business together. About Shivi Singh, let us tell you that he was already doing a very good job but he noticed that there is a big problem of eye wear in small villages and small towns.

This prompted him to initiate the ClearDekho business, recognizing the challenge faced by people in those areas in finding suitable and high-quality eyeglasses. His goal was to ensure the accessibility of good-quality glasses to residents in both small villages and cities.

If we tell you about Saurabh Singh, he had also worked in companies like Wipro, HCL and Paytm and when his friend Shivi told him about this EyeWear business idea, then both of them together started working on ClearDekho business. And in this way ClearDekho business started.

They offer glasses both online and offline!

Saurabh and Shivi, the visionaries behind ClearDekho, brought valuable expertise from their respective domains, seamlessly integrating their experience into the ClearDekho venture. This strategic application of their skills resulted in a positive response from the outset. Currently, ClearDekho markets its glasses to people through both online and offline channels.

Initially they started selling glasses online and after that in 2018, their first store was opened in India and till now more than 100 of their stores have been opened in India.

On the other hand, if we talk about the price of ClearDekho glasses, then their glasses are easily available between ₹ 200 to ₹ 600 and this is the reason that even people of small towns and villages are able to buy their glasses very easily. Are.

Today it has become a company worth crores!

Established in 2016, ClearDekho has evolved into a multi-crore company. In the fiscal year 2022 alone, the company achieved a noteworthy revenue of Rs 7.50 crores. The goal of this company is to deliver good quality eyewear to the people of small towns and villages.

Regarding ClearDekho’s funding, the company has successfully secured a total of 13 million dollars from various startup investors. This influx of funding has significantly contributed to elevating the company’s valuation into the crore range.

ClearDekho’s founder Shivi Singh told in his interview that he is going to make some changes in his business within the coming 2 years, so that his company can deliver good quality EyeWear to the people of small towns on a large scale.

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